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Feb 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
employing the homeowners and that money isn't going out the door sufficiently. >> host: christy romero special general for t.a.r.p.. why is no one in jail? where in t.a.r.p. does it say pay executive bonuses? she says it is misappropriation of funds. >> guest: i think that the caller, excuse me, the tweeter is raising a point that a lot of americans feel very strongly about and americans are looking for justice and accountability. we are a criminal law enforcement agency, and so we do investigate crime related to t.a.r.p. and our investigations have resulted in criminal charges against 121 people. and criminal charges are not evidence of guilt but they are charges that have to be seriously dealt with. but as of december 31st, excuse me, january, 83 people had already been convicted. 35 had already been sentenced to prison and so we are awaiting trial and prison sentences and more people will be going to jail and will continue to be looking at this and trying to bring accountability. now, our jurisdiction is not as broad as the entire department of justice related, but we will continue
Feb 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
with scott walker and wisconsin, bobby jindal in louisiana and chris christie in new jersey and john kasich of ohio. they have a number of good governors. the single governor has been in this who is term limited and is now president of purdue. jeffrey hsu's governor of florida, whether president bush is a very impressive guy and i hope he considers running in 2016. i think all those individuals have the skill sets necessary to win a presidential election. i also think in varying degrees they understand the challenges facing the party and have the ability because of the confidence a lot of conservatives have that they can change the party in ways that will help reform and modernize. >> host: haywood, independent line, good morning. >> caller: good morning. tamiami? >> host: your own, go ahead. >> guest: the problem with the republican party, they turn to ideology from the south and that's one of the problems. the main thing about that romney, he's a very man. he's rich, but he's stupid. >> guest: okay, that romney is not a stupid man. a very able man and decent man would've been enough then-
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2